About Us


Uchii Store is proud to offer home living products that combine both traditional and modern elements. our unique product line represents the essence of modern daily living and inspired by japanese design. we have driven you to come up with different kinds of creative, stylish, and good quality products. we make each products one piece at a time and treat them as work of art.

In Uchii, quality is a thing we never stop concerning about. the materials we use to make such products are being carefully selected from the best on each class. Uchii store is always consequent to constantly sourcing products to suit the ever-changing market requirements. managing products in a way to make them stay related in usability would be our greater concern so you can easily find anything for your home within Uchii’s site. While keep on selecting the best and suitable materials from all over the world, we always try to understand and listen to our customers. your needs and expectations will always be our concern for now and also in the future

Sounds like home” inspires us to continue growing up and delivering products that reflect comfort and beauty of the home, with never leave simplicity and functionability in the same time. We are truly understand that home is the best place where time slipped by for you and your lovers enjoying such warmth offered by your surrounding. we believe that every home(s) can be designed to be a place that evolves pride and passion, as well as relaxation and harmony. Hence in Uchi, we try our best to create affordable ways to make your home more homey.