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    UCHII A5 HOSHI Notebook Gift Box Pouch Set | Buku Tulis Catatan Memo Japanese Design Hard Cover Stationery Package + Tas Serut Kanvas

    We believe that the art of learning not only lies within the content itself, but also in the experience that should be pleasurable. That's why we always try to bring such experience by presenting you the beauty in every learning stuffs, book is the core of course. You might know the saying goes like : don't judge a book by its cover; well we can't fully agree. In what side we choose a book as our daily companion if not from the beautiful cover itself?

    Again, that's why we offer you our Stationery Collection that consist of premium design that you won't easily find around. For the books, we ensure that our chosen limited cover design will also add a touch of exclusivity to make your daily activities with them be way more delicate. Please make sure you don't miss this chance to complete your art collections.

    Special Feature :
    - Beautiful Gift Box, irresistible fine present
    - Premium Rubber Bond to keep the book close
    - Single bookmark
    - Extra Pouch to keep your book clean & safe along with your signature pen
    - Hard Cover with Fining thread method to keep the pages altogether
    - Odourless paper & ink : environment friendly
    - Suitable for taking notes, sketching, & drawing

    Content :
    - Regular Lining pages (128)
    - Extra Grid 5x5mm pages (64)

    Product's Specification
    - Size : A5
    - Long : 190mm
    - Width : 130mm
    - Thickness : 20mm
    - Paper : brownish (70 gsm)
    - Pages total : 192 pages
    - Cover : hard board

    Extra Pouch Details :
    - Size 245 x 180 mm
    - Drawstring (braided fabric) cover method
    - Eco-friendly printed calico fabric material

    Gift Box size : 215 x 180 x 22 mm

    Available in 4 different covers :
    1 White
    2 Beige
    3 Brown
    4 Blue

    NOTE : VARIAN BROWN TIDAK ADA KARET PENGIKAT. Untuk yg ada karet pengikat silahkan pilih varian yg ADA TULISAN "KARET"-nya. Membeli = setuju, terima kasih.

    Designed by Chuhsia - Hong Kong