• UCHII Aroma Therapy Decorative Canned Candle | Lilin Wangi Sage Citrus

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    UCHII Aroma Therapy Decorative Canned Candle | Lilin Wangi Aroma Terapi Wadah Kaleng Sage Citrus

    Product details
    - Netto : 150gr
    - Burnt time : up to 12 hours (indoor)
    - Diameter : 70mm
    - Height : 45mm
    - Variant : Sage Citrus
    - Character : Fruity
    - To add pleasant fragrance in the room*

    *In a closed room, we suggest you to lit the candle at maximum 2 hours per day or simply blow it up once the fragrance has cleared the unpleasant odor in your room. The burning process however, no matter what the material is, will release thin and invisible residue to the air: the longer burning process more likely increase the amount of residue. It will be better if you let the window / door open a while after blow the candle to let the residue flow outside the room.

    - Dikemas dalam kaleng cantik yg aman dan tidak akan terbakar walau jika lilin sudah habis
    - Kaleng memiliki penutup sehingga aroma lilin tetap terjaga walau belum digunakan dan disimpan dalam waktu yg lama
    - Kaleng dengan desain cantik bisa juga sekaligus sebagai dekorasi rumah Anda, size nya yg kecil tidak akan mengganggu space untuk benda-benda lainnya
    - Dikemas lagi dengan kardus sehingga aman dalam pengiriman

    Disclaimer : please do notice that this product is sensitive to temperature so we hope you understand that the failure to deliver this product in perfect shape is not ours if you choose the regular logistic. we suggest you choose at minimum next day service to avoid such problem