• UCHII Bath Sponge Colorful Ice Cream | Spons Busa Mandi Natural Gagang

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    Shower has always been a perfect time to refresh and relax yourself, so we know that you deserve the very decent way to enjoy that kind of special me-time. Add more colors to your bathroom to bring more joy into that private place, you can consider these super cute bath sponge of course!

    Made from eco-friendly sponge material, this Bath Sponge is totally safe even for your childrens soft skin. You may feel that its surface will be quite rough at the very first time; but dont worry, water and your body foam (and of course plus a little time) will soften it. Its handle will also help you easily rub your bodys most-out-of-reach parts.

    - Eco friendly & light material: safe for normal & sensitive skin
    - Large surface: make it easy to rub your overall body
    - Wooden handle: easy to grasp and make reaching your furthest body part way more convenient
    - Colorful string: just hang it on your bathroom to make sure it will stay dry after usage, and also as a sweet decoration everyone will envy

    Product's Specification:
    - Variant: Colorful Ice Cream
    - Sponge: 14.5 cm x 8 cm x 3.3 cm
    - Handle: 8 cm
    - Grams: 40