• UCHII Double Wall Tall Glass Tumbler | Gelas Kaca Dinding Ganda Anti Panas 450ml

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    NOTE : Produk merupakan barang pecah belah, packaging sudah termasuk bubble wrap & dus. Pengiriman wilayah terjangkau WAJIB MENGGUNAKAN LAYANAN SAME DAY, untuk wilayah yg tidak terjangkau WAJIB MENGGUNAKAN KURIR JNE. Di luar kurir tersebut kerusakan di perjalanan tidak bisa komplain / retur ke penjual.

    UCHII Double Wall High Glass Layer Tumbler with Rubber Lid | Gelas Kaca Dinding Ganda Anti Panas 450ml

    We are never bored of presenting you all new concept of modern Japanese Home Living. Build a unforgettable dining experience by having our exclusive and beautiful tableware into your house, that whoever come to have a visit will be inspired and simply know that you are an authentic art lover. Plus, by giving an easy-to-grip double wall glass, say goodbye to a long wait for cooling down your mug. What a functionable and pretty stuff have!

    Product feature
    - Made from high quality & food grade material borosilicate glass
    - Thickened cup mouth to ensure you can enjoy your drink safe perfectly
    - Handle is also made from the same quality material, don't worry about breaking up
    - Heat resistant with temperature tolerance between -30° to 150° C
    - Can be used on microwave, refrigerator, and even on open fire *

    Product Specification
    - Diameter : 8 cm
    - Height : 15 cm (outside)
    - Height : 14 cm (inside)
    - Capacity : up to 450ml (with 400 ml ideal capacity)

    Handle with care
    - Do not soak in water
    - Use soft cloth to wash

    ** Disclaimer **
    1. Black spots, small bubbles, & wavy texture are common things to have on glass products. They are unavoidable during the process, not the defect nor lack of quality
    2. Hole in the bottom of the product is required as a result of the double wall producing process, therefore is not a defect since it won't affect the use
    ** By purchasing this product you agree that those two points is totally acceptable about which you won't raise issue **