• UCHII Exclusive Baby Born Mom Hampers Set | Bingkisan Lahiran Ibu Anak

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    UCHII Exclusive Baby Born & Mom Premium Hampers Gift Set Box Parcel | Bingkisan Paket Kado Lahiran Ibu & Anak Custom Parsel

    Have no worries about missing the chance of celebrating important moments with your loved ones due to small matters like distance and time, or simply because of the pandemic. You can still show some love to them by sending our exquisite and limited edition Hampers directly to their very own door. Remember that we always try to only deliver the best and most proper one of packages that you even can send our hampers as any-occasion gift such as birthday or simply just to show caring for your loved ones. Of course, if possible, we will also encourage you to bring it yourself as a thoughtful gift that will brighten the days of the receiver

    Package include both for Mom & Baby
    - UCHII Pink Surippa : to warm every steps of Mommy*
    - UCHII Usagi Blanket : to warm the baby & add some cuteness
    - UCHII Poku Bag : to store important belongings of both
    - UCHII Usagi Tumbler : to store hot water which is very important for both
    - UCHII Mommy Masuku : to keep safe Mommy and the folks around
    - Exclusive Gift Hampers Box
    - Greeting Cards**

    * Please choose your preferred size on the Variant

    ** Nama pengirim dan penerima kartu ucapan wajib tulis di kolom keterangan, tidak bisa via chat. Kami sudah memiliki desain & template untuk kartu ucapan, pesan tambahan bisa dituliskan selama masih muat di kolom keterangan.