• UCHII Exclusive Canvas Tote Bag - Printed Blue Denim Japan Design Wave

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    UCHII Exclusive Canvas Tote Bag - Printed Blue Waves Japanese Design Denim / Tas Jinjing Belanja Eco Friendly

    We bring you a whole new concept of modern Tote Bag to kick off all the old-fashioned Tote Bag. This Tote Bag is designed for you who like concern exclusivity very much, we won't let you walking around the neighborhood bringing the same-old-common tote bags which are being seen anywhere within your view. Great isn't it?

    Product Specification
    Material: Canvas
    Model: Blue Denim Waves
    Bag Length: 40 cm
    Bag Width: 8 cm
    Bag Height: 38 cm
    Handle Length: 8 cm

    How to care:
    - Do not bleach
    - Do not brush
    - Use medium heat while ironing
    - Do not iron the printing directly