• UCHII FUKURO Woman Shoulder Bag Multi Purpose Colorful Zipper Tas Bahu

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    FREE Exclusive Dust Bag for every purchase of our Fukuro to keep your bag clean whenever vacant

    UCHII FUKURO Woman Shoulder Tote Bag Multi Purpose Colorful Zipper Tas Selempang Bahu Serbaguna Wanita Retsleting Dalam Warna Warni Detachable String

    You've never seen anything like this before in the neighborhood? Yes, that's exactly what we mean by giving you our brand new Japanese Fashion Collection to town. Exclusive and fashionable in the same time, yet not giving up about concerning detailed function is definitely our style.

    When to use
    - College / Work
    - Shopping
    - Travelling
    - Strolling Around

    - Extra Large capacity to bring anything you need around
    - Waterproof layer to keep your belongings save from any unexpected water spill
    - Extra strong and anti scratch material to make you do anything more comfortable
    - Detachable string to make it easier to clean and keep in your wardrobe
    - Detachable inner compartment to offer you more than one style from one product
    - Available in 5 chosen rare color that you can pick based on your character

    - Body Size : 40 x 29 x 12 cm
    - String length : 60 cm
    - Outer Material : Thick Silicone Rubber
    - Inner Material : Cotton combed Canvas w/ waterproof layer