• UCHII Glass Bottle Canister w/ Cork Food Jar | Wadah Kaca Serbaguna

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    NOTE : Produk merupakan barang pecah belah, packaging sudah termasuk bubble wrap & dus. Pengiriman wilayah terjangkau WAJIB MENGGUNAKAN LAYANAN SAME DAY, untuk wilayah yg tidak terjangkau WAJIB MENGGUNAKAN KURIR JNE. Di luar kurir tersebut kerusakan di perjalanan tidak bisa komplain / retur ke penjual.

    Product Features
    - Borosilicate Glass has high tolerance to temperature from -30° to 120° C with clearer surface than any regular kind of glasses
    - Combined with Natural Material to enhance its beauty look
    - Processed carefully through hand blown crafted to ensure its tough & perfect finishing
    - Can be used on microwave, refrigerator, and even on open fire (please remove the cork first)
    - Thickened glass corner to ensure your safety
    - Small mouth to ensure pouring any kind of beans is easy
    - Big mouth to ensure loading foods is effortless

    Product include :
    - Glass Bottle
    - Natural Cork

    Product specification
    - Glass Material = Borosilicate
    - Cork Material = Fagus Sylvatica wood
    - Color = clear
    - Thickness: 3mm

    Product Size
    - Diameter : 105mm
    - Big mouth diameter : 75 - 80mm
    - Small mouth diameter : 25mm
    - Big Cork bottom & top diameter : 65mm & 75mm
    - Small Cork top diameter : 18mm & 22mm

    Height (bottom to the top of small mouth)
    - 125mm (small)
    - 175mm (medium)

    - 500ml (small)
    - 800ml (medium)

    How to Care for the cork :
    - Do not microwave
    - Keep away from direct sunlight
    - Do not soak in the water
    - Do not use sharp stuffs to clean

    ** Disclaimer **
    1. Black spots, small bubbles, & wavy texture are common things to have on glass products. They are unavoidable during the process, not the defect nor lack of quality
    2. The cork is individually pressed from crushes then cut into shaped, that is why it is normal to have small gap with the glass and between another cork due to cutting process
    ** By purchasing this product you agree that it is totally acceptable about which you won't raise issue **