• UCHII Glass Canister + Bamboo Lid Transparent Black / Toples Serbaguna

    IDR 125,000.00
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    // Produk merupakan barang pecah belah, packaging sudah termasuk bubble wrap & dus. Pengiriman wilayah terjangkau WAJIB MENGGUNAKAN LAYANAN SAME DAY, untuk wilayah yg tidak terjangkau WAJIB MENGGUNAKAN KURIR JNE. Di luar kurir tersebut kerusakan di perjalanan tidak bisa komplain / retur ke penjual //

    Price is per set, including:
    - 1 pcs medium transparent black canister
    - 1 pcs wooden lid with silicone seal

    Color : Transparent Black
    Capacity : 300 ml

    Product Features
    - Borosilicate Glass has high tolerance to temperature from -30° to 120° C with clearer surface than any regular kind of glasses
    - Combined with Natural Material to enhance its beauty look
    - Processed carefully through hand blown crafted to ensure its tough & perfect finishing
    - Can be used on microwave, refrigerator, and even on open fire (please remove the lid first)
    - Thickened glass corner to ensure your safety

    ** Disclaimer **
    1. Black spots, small bubbles, & wavy texture are common things to have on glass products. They are unavoidable during the process, not the defect nor lack of quality
    2. Uneven color, pattern, & small scratches are common things to have on natural product such as bamboo/wooden material. They are unavoidable both from its natural raw material and also during the process -- not the defect nor lack of quality
    ** By purchasing this product you agree that it is totally acceptable about which you won't raise issue **