• UCHII Japanese Kokeshi Sushi Rice Set Maker | Sumpit Sendok Bambu Gift

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    UCHII Japanese Kokeshi Sushi Rice Maker Spoon Chopstick Bamboo Set 5 pairs Exclusive Design w/ Premium Box | Paket Sumpit Makan Sendok Centong Nasi Kayu Bambu Jepang 5 Pasang Gift Set Package Colorful

    Our bamboo chopstick is processed through fine and careful craftsmanship to ensure quality and durability. The material itself is being chose from the finest bamboo wood in its class. In addition to make you even sure, we tell you that we don't use pressed sawdust on this product. Instead, we use its whole log for each pairs of this chopstick. Not only should you have this to enhance the warmth of your diner time in your house, this beautiful box of bamboo cutlery can also encourage you to become a sushi master! Try to make your own sushi and then enjoy its simplicity with your family. Not to mention that this set comes with such exquisite pattern on each pairs to add exclusivity at your table, while giving pleasant and elegant dining experience with your loved ones.

    Product Specification
    - Material : BambooWood
    - Chopstick Length : 225 mm
    - Chopstick Diameter : 3-8 mm
    - Spoon Length : 200mm
    - Spoon Thickness : 3-7 mm
    - Box : 250 x 200 x 35 mm
    - Pattern : KOKESHI

    - Easy grip w/ perfect length & weight
    - Perfect size & design even to pick small food like beans / vegetables
    - BPA Free & Food Grade
    - Complete w/ Box as a considerable special gift
    - Dishwasher & sterilizer safe

    Disclaimer : this product is using full natural material and being crafted from scratch by the craftsmen so it's very common that you'll find some parts that has uneven color / surface. Those are not considered as product's defect. By purchasing this product we consider that you agree with our points above so we will regretfully reject your complain after receiving the products regarding those matters