• UCHII KIKAMAGU Ceramic Mug Monochrome 14oz Cangkir Keramik Vintage BW

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    // Price is for 1 (one) piece //
    -- Produk merupakan barang pecah belah, packaging sudah termasuk bubble wrap & dus. Pengiriman wilayah terjangkau WAJIB MENGGUNAKAN LAYANAN SAME DAY, untuk wilayah yg tidak terjangkau WAJIB MENGGUNAKAN KURIR JNE. Di luar kurir tersebut kerusakan di perjalanan tidak bisa komplain / retur ke penjual --

    UCHII KIKAMAGU Ceramic Mug Monochrome 14oz Cangkir Gelas Minum Kopi Teh Susu Gagang Keramik Round Vintage BW Stripped Plaid 400ml

    ** NOTE -> please understand that since this product is hand-crafted, minor stains on the body is absolutely normal
    1) Color stain on the body is usually caused by the painting process that which use the manual-dip
    2) Excess layer of the paint is also a normal thing that happens through the dye-ing procedure
    3) Small dots or uneven surface on the body is also usually happens during the process

    Since we consider these things won't cause any harm on your drinking experience, nor ruin its essential beauty value, do we really hope you understand. By purchasing this product we consider that you agree with our points above so we will regretfully reject your complain after receiving the products regarding those 3 matters. Thank you. **

    Volume : 14oz / 400ml
    Mug diameter : 9.5cm
    Mug height : 7.5cm
    Handle diameter : 4cm

    - Inspired by beautiful Japanese design
    - High quality & food grade tested ceramic
    - Heated in perfect temperature to keep the particle solid
    - Authentic and suitable for your kitchen & dining room decoration
    - Classy packaging, a perfect gift for your family, best friends, or colleagues

    - Plaid Grey
    - Stripped White