• UCHII Kotori Door Stopper Sand Doll Ganjalan Pintu Anti Slam Kid Safe

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    UCHII Door Slow Stopper Sand Pocket Doll Home Decor Kids Safe Anti Pinched Slam Bump | Penahan / Pemberat / Pengganjal Pintu Model Boneka Anti Terjepit

    Having problem with your kids running around the house while keep going in and out any rooms in your house? Or just being troubled with your doors which too easily slammed and cause unexpected noise or even hurtful bump? Now we bring you the solutions with this product. Plus, who can resist such beauty and cuteness offered by this product? You got the solutions & decorations in the same time.

    Product Specification
    Size : 13.5 x 9.5 x 13.5 cm
    Fabric : woven canvas ft. sackcloth
    Inside : ballast sand
    Weight : 1.075grams

    How to clean : vacuum