• UCHII KUMA Electric Humidifier | Pelembab Udara Ruangan Magnetic Power

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    UCHII KUMA Electric Air Humidifier w/ Lamp Auto Magnetic Power Polar Bear Switch | Alat Pelembab Udara Ruangan Kamar Anak dengan Lampu dan Fitur Magnet

    Our brand new product of our Home & Living Collection. This product can be such a sweet member in the selected corner of your home, while helping you with its essential function as humidifier to keep your room humid and comfortable. Lower relative humidity in a room can increase susceptibility to various types of respiratory & skin problem. You are daily exposed to Air Conditioner? Then this product is a must-have item within your shopping list, not to mention that your moisturiser is also one of them :)

    Product Features :
    - Exclusive KUMA design
    - Completed with exclusive box, we sure you won't regret it!
    - Easy to clean, easy to use

    Product Specification
    - Size : 138 x 138 x 78 mm
    - Nett Weight : 310 grams
    - Packaging size :
    - Voltage : DC 5V / 300 mA
    - Rated Power : +- 1.5 watt
    - Capacity : 400ml
    - Mist Amount : 30ml/h
    - Time Shutdown : +- 4 hours
    - Material : ABS/PP/PC

    Special Features
    - Magnetic switch power, put on the cutie bear and the device will start working immediately!
    * Please be sure that you put the correct bear, else it will stay off duty

    In the Box
    - 1 pcs KUMA device
    - 1 pcs micro USB Cable adaptor
    - 1 pcs user manual

    IMPORTANT : Please DO NOT USE OIL-BASED refill in order to prevent any damage to the whole device
    For more information and detailed instruction / product treatment, read the user manual carefully