• UCHII Liquid Aroma Refill Reed Diffuser Fragrance Pewangi Isi Ulang

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    Product: 1 BOTTLE (100ML) UCHII Liquid Aroma Refill Diffuser Luxury Perfume Fragrance | Cairan Pewangi Ruangan Isi Ulang

    We present you such a perfect mate for your UCHII Electric Diffuser: our refill liquid aroma. Available in 6 exclusive aroma, we sure you'll be confused in choosing either of them for each has its own particular characteristic.

    Aroma diffuser is being trusted by many family as an important part of their households to create positive impact within their days. Many has testified and proven that the existence of aroma diffuser, with any kind of each preferred aroma, will bring good mood and pleasant subconscious which finally lead to healthier and happier lifestyle. We are not only talking about the body immune that will slowly increasing by days, but also about the stressless mind to keep your feeling at ease even after having a bad day outside.

    Aroma choice
    1 Sakura (Floral | Fresh | Living Room)
    2 Shoyuri (Balsamic, Spice | Fresh - Warm | Bathroom)
    3 Yukifuru (Citrus, Wood, Floral | Fresh - Aromatic | Bedroom)
    4 Rozusen (Fruit, Rose, Grass | Fresh - Woody | Kitchen - Dining Room)
    5 Hanaren (Spice, Floral, Fruit | Fresh - Intense | Work / Study Room)
    6 Akarui (Cherry Blossom, Peony, Musk, Strawberry | Sweet | Children Room)

    PENTING : Kami telah melakukan upgrade pada komposisi refill sehingga varian ini HANYA BISA DIGUNAKAN UNTUK DIFFUSER NON ELECTRIC dan TIDAK PERLU DICAMPUR DENGAN AIR. Produk ini juga tidak menggunakan alkohol untuk campuran sehingga aman dan tidak cepat habis / menguap sia2

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