• UCHII Mizutama Portable Tumbler Silicone Straw Reusable Gelas Botol 1L

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    UCHII Mizutama Portable Travel Hot & Cold Tumbler w/ Silicone Straw & Handle + Leak Proof Lid Reusable Eco Friendly BPA Free Gelas Minum Botol Air 1L

    Are you some kind of authenticity - freak who gets so irritated to find someone is using the same stuffs like you do? Or are you just happen to be some environmentalist who is very excited about anything related to reusable? Or simply you are an beverages hunter who very loves the idea of the so-called Bring-Your-Own-Tumbler idea? Our MIZUTAMA is your new best buddie!

    Completed with silicone handle to keep it convenient for you whenever bringing either hot / cold water inside. Its wide diameter will also make it easier to clean. Well, not to mention its iconic silicone straw which instead of being very easy to wash, also will make it be way more organized to store whenever not being use. Don't worry, the silicone is thick yet wide enough for you even to slurp your boba pearl. One can't resist to not look at you bringing this MIZUTAMA.

    Available in 7 attractive color, this will be such confusing temptation to choose which one you'd like to bring home. Its authentic model and unique design also will make it hard for you to resist. Come with an elegant box, more than enough to be a pleasant gift for your beloved one.

    Bottle Material : PET
    Strar & Handle : Silicone
    BPA Free
    Hot & Cold Safe
    Food Grade

    Size Details
    Bottle Height : 205mm
    Diameter : 90mm
    Thick : 2mm
    Volume : 1.000ml
    Netto (empty) : +-150gr
    Packaging Size : 270 x 95 x 95 mm