• UCHII NEKO TOMO Chopstick Rest | Tatakan Sumpit Keramik Jepang Set 5s

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    UCHII NEKO TOMO Premium Japanese Porcelain Chopstick Rest Exclusive Design | Tatakan Sumpit Keramik Kucing Jepang Set 5pcs

    Our ceramic chopstick rest is processed through high temperature and high pressure folding to always ensure its quality and durability. Comes with such exquisite pattern on each piece to add exclusivity at your table, also to give pleasant and elegant dining experience with your loved ones. The shape is crafted under careful process, while the pattern itself is fired at > 1000°C which make them integrated with the body so they won't easily fade or scratched. Adopt these cute Neko Tomo into your house; and find yourself having an authentic Japanese dining vibe in your own home.

    Why Ceramic?
    - The surface make it easier to clean and won't absorb any liquid while washing
    - Smooth surface for a more harmless usage
    - Totally safe to be used in Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher, and even Sterilizer

    Product Specification
    - Material : Porcelain
    - Size : please see the picture
    - Pattern : NEKO

    Please choose between 2 of these packaging
    - Transparent Box : 150 x 100 x 30 mm
    - White Box : 170 x 60 x 35 mm

    - Cute design to cheer up your table
    - Perfect weight & flattened-unglazed bottom with hole to keep them steady on your side
    - BPA Free & Food Grade
    - Complete w/ Box as a considerable special gift
    - Beautiful & exclusive shape, you can make them as decoration too

    NOTE -> please understand that since this product is hand-crafted, minor stains on the body is absolutely normal and isn't considered as defect
    1) Color stain / small black spots on the body
    2) Excess layer of the paint / lack of glaze on the surface

    By purchasing this product we consider that you agree with our points above so we will regretfully reject your complain after receiving the products regarding those matters