• UCHII Night Bedroom Colorful Lamp Silicone / Lampu Meja Natural Stand

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    Flower vase, crystal ball, or artificial mushroom displays? Make every one wonder any time they visit your room with this colorful two-shaped night lamp. Exclusivity, simplicity, and modernity are the things we offer by bringing you this limited design of night lamp. The white silicon material combined with wood pattern base will also presenting the natural sense in your room.

    Light mode:
    - Press the button once to turn it on and get the white radiance
    - Press the button twice to let the light changes automatically: red-yellow-green-purple-blue
    - Press the button third and so forth to get the as-you-wish radiance stays

    - Simple & elegant Japanese design
    - Color Changing Light mode
    - Shape changing from regular to mushroom simply by pressing the silicone part downward
    - Power saving and efficient
    - Recharge-able (cable is included)
    - Perfect decoration & most-wanted gift guarantee

    Product's specification
    - Battery: 1200mAh
    - Power: 0.6 W
    - Size: 10cm diameter x 20cm height
    - Weight: 335 grams