• UCHII no IRERU Travel Tea Brew Kit Glass Bottle w/ Jar Pouch Ocha Cup

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    UCHII NO IRERU Travel Tea Brewing Kit Glass Tumbler | 3in1 Ocha Cup & Leaves Jar & Portable Pouch | Gelas Cangkir & Botol Teh Infused Water

    We are presenting a brand new and convenient way to bring a tea-time atmosphere on-the-go anytime you like it. Brewing tea like no other. Be sure you have this product on your travel essential list, to be the last thing you should never leave on a journey along with your beloved tea-lover companion.

    - Made from high borosilicate glass : with high temperature tolerance between -20° to 150° C
    - Completed with Silicone Handle : keep it convenient for your hand while bringing hot water
    - Compact design : make enjoying fresh hot tea on the way very accessible
    - Completed with portable pouch : protect the product and make it comfortable to bring around
    - Two (2) cups available : you can enjoy the tea everywhere with your loved ones
    - Completed with beautiful box : such a thoughtful gift for the tea lover

    On the box :
    - 2 glass cups
    - 1 tea leaves jar
    - 1 glass strainer
    - 1 brewing vessel
    - Portable Pouch
    - Manual guide

    *this is not a vacuum tumbler so the temperature won't keep long for hours, yet it is safe to accommodate hot water while brewing the tea

    Product's specification
    - Cups (@100ml) : 6.5cm diameter & 4.5cm height
    - Jar (80ml) : 5cm diameter & 8cm height
    - Vessel (165ml) : 6.5cm diameter & 7.5cm height
    - Strainer : 5.5cm diameter & 6.5cm height
    - Pouch : 8cm diameter & 16cm height
    - Box : 9 x 9 x 17 cm