• UCHII Portable Rice Container Tempat Beras Jepang Tutup Roda Anti Kutu

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    UCHII Portable Rice Container Box 10L Anti Lice | Tempat Kotak Beras Jepang Tutup Multi Function dengan Roda & Anti Kutu

    Welcome to new era of smart & minimalist households. We bring you a new concept of Rice Container Box: simple and elegant, with compact design to add some beauty into your kitchen without leaving its main function to ease your cooking life. You can also bring it to travel with you, its wide space will be able to accommodate more foods and stuffs to ensure your stomach's satisfaction along the way.

    Made from Eco-grain Poly Propylene. this will give natural and exclusive impression to whoever visit your family kitchen. Completed with detachable lid and a couple of wheel to enhance its ergonomic design, this stuff will also make it easier to be used wherever and whenever. Not to mention its small yet very useful features: anti lice box, to ensure your rice will be safely stored.

    Product Features :
    1. A couple of small wheels on the other side to make it easier to move around the kitchen
    2. A small inserted-box to store anti lice spices
    3. See-through lid to make you stay aware of your food supply
    4. Modern & simple design with a lot of elegant color options
    5. FREE rice cup measurement

    Product Specification
    - Material : Food Grade & BPA Free Poly-Propylene
    - Length : 345 mm
    - Height : 203 mm
    - Width : 200 mm
    - Nett weight : 850 grams
    - Capacity : +- 10 kgs

    **Weight listed is in volume**