• UCHII Portable Travel Kit Toiletries Toothbrush Holder Multi Function - Hijau muda

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    GRATIS +- 10 bungkus compressed hand towel! Dikemas satuan dalam kemasan kedap udara untuk menjaga tetap bersih dan higienis. Cukup taruh di bawah air mengalir / direndam di dalam air, sudah sap untuk digunakan (sekali pakai).

    - Tidak termasuk sikat gigi, pasta gigi, dan handuk
    - Plain design without faces

    All new concept of Portable Toiletries Travel Set. We bring you more than just toothbrush holder, it's a real all-in-one kit for you who travel a lot. We understand that being mobile doesn't mean you can't take care of self-hygiene and personal care.

    Features (upper side)
    1 Shampoo / Soap Pump Bottle
    2 Lotion Pump Bottle
    3 Thin Comb
    4 Toothbrush & toothpaste holder
    5 Detachable Lid, you can use it as a gargle glass too!

    Features (bottom side)
    1 Towel Holder
    2 MIni Mirror
    3 Set of compressed hand towels

    - Compact design & Space saver
    - All in one multi function
    - Portable & durable
    - Eco friendly
    - Available in 4 different colors
    - Comes with cardboard: suitable for gift too