• UCHII Premium 3in1 Cooking Soup Large Pot Ceramic w/ Food Steamer 5L

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    Introducing our best seller from the kitchenware collections : UCHII Premium Ceramic Cooking Soup Pot w/ Bamboo Food Dimsum Steamer | 3in1 Slow Cooker Steaming Boiling Stove Pan Solid White Color Lid - 5.000ml High Capacity

    This Casserole comes in just a perfect size to load more cookings for your little family. Made from food grade ceramic which is perfectly burnt in a high temperature, this sauce & milk pot not only will make your kitchen prettier, but also for it to be healthy. Comes with a set of Bamboo Steamer which is matched perfectly with both its lid and body. The steamer itself is handcrafted from safe & food grade bamboo by the most professional crafters in its area. You really can't easily find it in another households. What an exclusive collection to upgrade your cooking style

    Lengkapi koleksi perabotan dapur modern Anda dengan Panci dan Kukusan Keramik Multi Fungsi. Terbuat dari keramik berkualitas tinggi yang didesain secara elegan agar dapur Anda terlihat lebih indah dan menyenangkan untuk beraktivitas.

    Product Specification:
    - Diameter: 22.5 cm
    - Height: 28 cm
    Ceramic is a food-grade tested material and is commonly used for modern kitchen stuffs world wide.

    FREE 1 pcs Steaming Cloth to ensure your food not sticked on the bamboo steamer

    1. Inspired by beautiful Japanese design
    2. High quality & food grade tested ceramic ft. bamboo
    3. Heated in perfect temperature to keep the particle solid
    4. Microwave & dishwasher friendly
    5. Can be used at Gas & Electric Stove (induction stove is excluded)
    6. Perfect gift for your mothers, sisters, or friends who love the beauty of cooking
    7. Packaging is 100% Guarantee Safe