• UCHII Premium Pottery Drinking Set Mino-Yaki Boy Keramik Sake Cup Jepang

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    UCHII Exclusive Japanese Ceramic Drinking Tea Sake Set Lucky Cat | Paket Peralatan Minum Teh Keramik Jepang Authentic Minoyaki Original Mino Yaki

    We bring you the most limited collection of our exclusive ceramic drinking set. This design is specially limited, we're pretty sure you'll never find the same product in the neighborhood. Such a great authenticity that will make everyone stares and adores it in the meantime. Or you can also give it to your most valuable person to make them really feel that important and worthy.

    Here are the treasures that you'll find in the package:
    - 1 pc Ceramic Sake Bottle : capacity 300ml, height 11cm / diameter 8cm
    - 2 pcs Ceramic Sake Cups : capacity 50ml, height 2.6cm / diameter 6.3cm
    - Exclusive black gift box