• UCHII PVC Placemat | Alas Tatakan Piring Meja Makan Table Mat Japanese

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    UCHII PVC Placemat Non Slip Table Decoration | Tatakan Piring Gelas Alas Meja Makan w/ Box Gift Set Japanese Design

    Keep the surface of your table protected while beautifying it with our brand new Premium Placemat. This gorgeous placemats can also be used as your portable tablecloth. Made from super light PVC material, this placemat is sure very convenient yet still heat-proof to protect your tables' surface from damage or to simply avoid scratch on your fragile tablewares. Available in 4 different color patterns, you can choose which one belongs to your preference or simply match your dining room style. You can also collect them all to later use them in different days / occasions to ensure the enjoyable dining experiences at your own home. This product can also be used as the simplest way to add some touch of warmth on your dining table : make sure your beloved ones know you are trying to keep the boredom away among them by having such little decoration to light up the gathering time.

    Product's Specification:
    - Length : 400 mm
    - Width : 300 mm
    - Thick : +- 1 mm
    - Box : mm

    1. Multi-purpose : help protecting both your table and tablewares from damage, also can be used as table decoration to make your dinner more enjoyable
    2. Made from high quality PVC that is durable and reusable
    3. Completed with nice packaging, such a fine gift for your beloved ones
    4. Suitable for dining table, kitchen, living room, coffee table, etc.
    5. Easy care : Wipe with wet fabric / tissue to clean, or just cleanse with water and soap like your other tablewares

    How to care
    - Do not put close to fire
    - Do not put any tools / wares within > 60°C

    Package include: 1 pcs PVCPlace Mat in Transparent Gift Box