• UCHII Reed Diffuser Mokushizen | Pewangi Ruangan Home Fragrance Liquid

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    UCHII Glass Bamboo Reed Diffuser Package Mokushizen Refill Set | Natural Aroma Therapy Pewangi Ruangan Isi Ulang Yellow

    UCHII presents new collection to complete and beautify your beloved home. Perfectly matches your simple household while easily being moved from one corner to another, it's totally on you to decide which part of your house that urges sweetness on its touch. Our reed diffuser is an effective and safe way to diffuse continuous fragrance throughout your environment: no smoke, drippy wax, or the anxiety of burning candles (still we are counting you whom love candle very much by giving the option of it anyway). This set is combined with perfect blended material selection which surely can delight your senses and create a revitalising and uplifting aroma. Its natural reed will release the aroma in such tiny particle into the air, keeps away unpleasant bacteria and help increasing your body immune. Stress and mood swing? We'll see them another chance.

    Bottle : glass
    Volume : 100ml
    Sticks : 9 pcs
    Aroma : Mokushizen (included)
    Composition : Balsamic, Spice
    Type : Fresh - Warm
    Preference : Bathroom
    Series : Rose Cottage

    - Remove protection cap
    - Pour the liquid
    - Insert the sticks into the bottle
    - Leave the bottle open with the sticks inserted

    * Rotate the sticks upside down once a week to release the aroma
    * Fragrance blooms within 48 hours
    * Change the sticks whenever you'd like to shift to different fragrance to avoid unpleasant fragrance

    Factors that affect aroma resistance
    1) How many sticks you inserted
    2) How wide is your room (we suggest to place at maximum 15ms to maximize the fragrance)
    3) How humid is your surroundings

    Please do not contact with skin or eyes. If occurs, please rinse with clean water or go to a doctor. Do not spill onto wooden furniture surface or cloth. Please seal and store in cool and dark place before use. Please keep it away from heat source or fire.