• UCHII Scented Candle 6s Gift Set | Paket Lilin Aroma Terapi Kaleng Box

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    UCHII Scented Candle 6s Gift Set Box | Paket Lilin Aroma Dekorasi Canned Aroma Therapy Decorative

    Our best seller products are now coming in a package edition, completed with proper Gift Box, what a nice gift for your special one. We specially design this brand new box for you, to add some refreshment in your options. Plus, for your special delivery, we are happy to provide you with FREE greeting cards**

    ** Nama pengirim dan penerima kartu ucapan wajib tulis di kolom keterangan, tidak bisa via chat. Kami sudah memiliki desain & template untuk kartu ucapan, pesan tambahan bisa dituliskan selama masih muat di kolom keterangan

    For the candle option, please do kindly choose as listed on the product variant. Unless you choose the variant "CUSTOM", we will not proceed the candle variant even though you write them down in the transaction note / direct chat.

    Candle Details (as per piece)
    - Light time: up to 12 hours in normal condition
    - Best coverage: up to 9ms
    - Netto : 150gr
    - Burnt time : up to 12 hours (indoor)
    - Diameter : 70mm
    - Height : 45mm
    - Material : Natural crude oil & essential oil (NO ARTIFICIAL COLOR ADDED)

    GIFT BOX Size = 30 x 20 x 5 cm

    - The can might get hot while the candle is lighten up, please put it on the safe surface and away from kids' reach
    - Please do not shut the fire using the lid, else it will cause unpleasant smoke and aroma

    Usage Recommendation:
    - Room decoration
    - Light & warmth source
    - To add pleasant fragrance in the room*

    *In a closed room, we suggest you to lit the candle at maximum 2 hours per day or simply blow it up once the fragrance has cleared the unpleasant odor in your room. The burning process however, no matter what the material is, will release thin and invisible residue to the air: the longer burning process more likely increase the amount of residue. It will be better if you let the window / door open a while after blow the candle to let the residue flow outside the room