• UCHII Stackable Storage Box Organizer | Kotak Kosmetik Sekat Susun

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    Making up your room can be so frustating when you just don't know exactly where to put up together your tiny stuffs. And this is what we call a solution: UCHII Portable Transparent Make Up / Cosmetic Storage Box with Partition. Comes with a minimalist design to help organizing stuffs being so playful. Yes, you're welcome :)

    - Made From High-quality Polypropylene Material
    - Space Efficient
    - Completed with stack-able & carry-on handle
    - 8 partition boxes are available
    - Comes with 3 different colors to suit your decoration theme

    Products Specification
    - Length: 33 cm
    - Width: 17.5 cm
    - Body Height: 8 cm
    - Total Height: 15.5 cm
    - Thick: 0.5 cm
    - Color : Green / Blue / White
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