• UCHII USAGI Travel Tumbler | Hot & Cold Drinking Stainless Termos Air

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    UCHII USAGI Travel Tumbler | Hot & Cold Drinking Stainless Termos Japanese | Botol Thermos Stainless | Wadah Air Minum Portable w/ Exclusive Gift Box

    Who says bringing your own bottle cant be cool?
    - Keep your water safe from unwanted bacteria
    - Keep your metabolism stable by always remember and easy to have drink
    - Keep your money safe from buying suspicious drink on the street
    - Keep the environment clean and sustain by reducing plastic waste

    Which one of them make you less cool than your allies? Plus, since these Japanese design water bottle is quite rare because UCHII has designed it ourselves, your authentic style of course cant be stolen.
    Its double layer also will keep your water safe from direct sunlight exposure and stay fresh longer than average plastic bottle.

    - Double high quality wall : Stainless 304 inside, food grade plastic material outside
    - Firm-twisted & anti spill cap : easily pour the water to the cap / your glass for effortless drinking experience
    - Suitable for Hot & Cold : up to 8 hours for travel convenience
    - Modern Design : perfect weight for your mobile activities
    - Completed with our own reusable gift box, such a perfect gift one can't resist

    *Please note that you should let the bottle empty over night before switch the water temperature (from hot to cold, and from cold to hot)

    Product's specification
    - Capacity : 350ml
    - Height : 20cm
    - Diameter : 7cm
    - Box : 25 x 7.5 x 8 cm

    Available in 3 different colors:
    - Dark Blue
    - Light Blue
    - Golden Purple